150 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Valeri Smith

    Very happy with Dr Maryam, she has been great talking me threw the procedures of getting botox and fillers , she even took precautions making me come back at different appointments so nothing went wrong. She is wonderful and really skilled at what she does , I recommend Dr Maryam to anyone wanting non surgical rejuvenation procedures done….

  2. Mike Tudor

    Small new consulting room, and very professional yet perfect approach! And great price which doesn’t increase yearly!!!!
    I’m very pleased with the hyperhidrosis treatment you have done for me the last 4 years. Thanks Maryann!
    Already recommended to all my colleagues.

  3. Ana H

    Have been having my treatments done by this lovely lady 5 years. Still same great treatment with fab results!
    It was time for the review option on your website!
    I love my lips!! Thank you

  4. Kelly Wilson

    Many thanks for your nice and professional approach and the fantastic treatment you provided!
    This was my first BOTOX treatment and I can’t believe how comfortable and at ease you made me feel. I will def be back in 5 months.
    Highly recommended!

  5. Monique Turner

    Lovely service and very competitive prices. Their people are just so wonderful with scheduling and arranging times! I had to fly in and out of the country so they were very happy to reschedule times for me, trying to squeeze me in and really ensuring everything suited me best. and last bt not least: Best filling experience EVER.. Lovely.

  6. Emily Holder

    I went here recently to have my teeth whitened before my wedding and was super happy with the results. I can’t stop looking at them. They suggested a clean beforehand to enhance the results and I’m glad I did. Dr Maryam did such a good job. My husband is now here today to have her bridge fitted! We are so grateful for dentist’s skills as well as her professional approach. Highly recommended

  7. James Holder

    I have just had my bridge fitted! Looks amazing! If only I could post a pic…
    I Will be back for BOTOX soon…
    Many thanks to Dr. Pairovan for improving my smile.

  8. K. Roberts

    One of the best dentist’s I’ve been to!
    Personally I hate visiting the dentists due to a traumatic experience whilst I was young, however my experience at Harley Dental Aesthetics have been pleasant. The dentist is very informative through each procedure, ensure I’m comfortable at all times and made me feel more than just an everyday patient. Highly recommend this dental practice!

  9. Claire Adams

    I have just finished my Invisalign treatment after 10 months! Best money I have ever spent, not only have I got lovely straight teeth but my confidence has grown which makes me smile more. My teeth look and feel perfect thanks to Dr. Pairovan who offered my retainers free of charge. Thank you again. You are a star!

  10. Naomi Childs

    I am in the middle of my Invisalign treatment and have got another 5 aligners to use. But I can already see the huge difference they have made. A great investment, Dr. Maryam is making my smile exactly how I always wanted it to be. very happy with the services.

  11. Mike Hawkins

    Can’t speak highly enough about Mrs. Pairovan, who’s philosophy is to make each patient feel like they are the only one she is seeing that day. Kate is the most competent and friendliest assistant I have met. I have never felt more confident about a dental practice than I do about these people. Delighted to be able to recommend Dr Pairovan and her wonderful team.

  12. Rob Bizley

    My first encounter at Harley dental and Facial was great, from the reception right through to the excellent work of Maryam for my filling! Shortly after I had to have my wisdom teeth removed – who could have known such an unpleasant experience could be so pleasant! Great place. Many thanks for sorting me out.

  13. Jamie Kennedy

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Harley dental and Facial. It was a little bit more expensive than my old dentist but well worth it. Maryam was absolutely lovely and so professional. She has done fantastic work on my teeth so far. i will continue to come back to her! Thanks!

  14. Elli Lopez

    Me and my sister went to see Dr. Pairovan at her consulting room today. She is one of the best doctors to inject dermal fillers properly in London. Caring and professional she listens to your concerns and the end results are amazing. very naturally enhancing your existing features. We are so pleased. Highly recommended.

  15. Sarah C.

    So happy with my experience with Maryam on my non surgical nose job. She explained everything to my on the consultation and I knew it was the right thing to do. She put So much care through out the process. Thank you so much, I could not be more happy. Xx

  16. Brandon B

    I am having six month smile clear braces by Dr. Pairovan. 2 months since I started and I am extremely happy with the results. I find her very approachable and very professional and I appreciate her expert advice. Looking forward to have straight teeth in 3 months!

  17. Sam Taylor

    I have been seeing Dr. Pairovan for Botox treatments and teeth fillings. She made sure I was comfortable when I was having my treatments done and did the procedures gently so I would have no discomfort. I was very pleased with the results and will definitely go back again. It was also easy to get an appointment that fit my schedule. Definitely recommending this dentist.

  18. Channelle West

    Easy to get an appointment, great customer-friendly office hours, very clean, and patient-focused.
    My Invisalign turned out amazing…very happy with Dr. Pairovan, the treatment itself, and my results! She went above and beyond my expectations!
    Already recommended to friends and family…

  19. Chris C

    I finally found someone professional and well experience with excellent service to trust in London. Dr. Pairovan listens to your needs and provide her opinion on what she thinks will look best for you.
    Here I have had Botox, lip fillers, Teeth fillings and teeth whitening and now I have just finished my clear brace treatment!!!!
    She is so kind and friendly, and prices are so competitive!!
    I’m honestly so comfortable with the service at this consulting room that will definitely will be returning back for more and more.

  20. Mona Patel

    I never write reviews but I have to say if you want a gentle, kind, sweet Dentist or someone to just help you look a little better (Botox/filler) this is where you want to go. Seriously. I am not a fan of shots but I am always relaxed when I am there. I have now been there 3 times and every visit has been the same. Dr. Pairovan is gentle, kind, caring and she always takes the time to look at me and hear my concerns. Lastly, she is also amazing doing orthodontic clear braces!! My teeth look fab!! highly recommended!.

  21. Eliza Parker

    Today I had consultation for cosmetic braces with this dentist. I had a great experience from the time I walked in the door to the time I left her small consulting room. Am very impressed of her amazing attention to details. Happy to recommend her.

  22. Anne Turner

    After having had my lip fillers and botox treatments done here for 5 years, I decided to have my braces done here too. what a great decision! Amazing service. I am very happy with this dentist and have already recommended her to friends and family

  23. Ross Khan

    5 stars!! I have just had my 6 month Smiles braces removed today done by Dr. Pairovan! and also had the teeth whitened. My teeth look so good! Never thought this day would come! Many thanks to my highly professional dentist. Ross

  24. Emma Chihota

    I’m currently at 6 weeks of my Invisalign treatment from the adorable Dr Pairovan. It has already been a great experience, from my first consultation to the fitting and all of the inspirational conversations in between. If you are looking for a professional, personable, honest, accommodating, and great priced treatment, you have come to the right place!

  25. Claudia Lavender

    5* treatment from Dr Pairovan !
    She is a very skilled practitioner and always explains everything perfectly. My Invisalign treatment is going really well with absolutely no problems and should all be done much quicker than I expected.
    Thank you

  26. Karise

    Dr Pairovan has been incredibly reassuring in regards to my treatment. She keeps me up to date with what’s happening and she goes out of her way to help my treatment along which I really appriciate! She has made me feel welcome from the moment that I met her and she only wants the best for her clients and she really listens.
    Thank you for all of your help!! Will recommend Dr Pairovan to all, she is so kind and makes you feel at ease which is what you hope for from your dentist. Thanks again!!!

  27. Daniel M Rodrigues

    3 months ago I did purchased invisible dental braces with Dr. Pairovan, I have to say the results are AMAZING! My teeth are already straight, really worth the money, Dr. Pairovan is super nice and always available for questions. I can’t wait to see the final results! 5*

  28. Savina

    One month ago I started my Invisalign treatment with Dr Pairovan. She is absolutely wonderful – always listens to you and gives you the best advice, happy, pleasant and professional in her actions. I highly recommend her!

  29. Mr.T

    Very happy with the treatment so far nearly 3 months in. Enjoying seeing the results each week! Highly recommend Dr Pairovan, who is nothing but professional, always smiling and there to help every step of the way 🙂 5*

  30. Kasia

    Incredibly impressed with the professionalism of Dr Pairovan. Had braces in June this year – so happy with results so far!! Always wanted them and wish I done it sooner! They have moved so much faster than I thought originally. Some discomfort in the first week but not that major. Highly recommend my lovely Dr Maryam!!! Thank you ×××

  31. Roxy Haylock

    Amazing service from start to finish, very happy with the results, great value and I would highly recommend to friends.

  32. Janja Gabrijel

    Very highly recommended! I had a wonderful experience with Maryann, she is the kindest, the most thorough, and overall the best dentist I had an experience with in my life. I was pleasantly surprised by her lovely, gentle attitude, a genuine desire for connecting with me and making me comfortable, taking the time to explain everything regarding my crown purchase, being very helpful, providing extensive knowledge and high quality work. Her service is outstanding.

  33. Jamespat

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  46. Jamespat

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